How do I pair Limpet with my phone?

Simply download the Geotekk app and follow the on-screen instructions.

What if I get a new phone?

You’ll be able to re-pair Limpet with your new phone via your user account.

Can I use my Limpet in conjunction with other locks?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend using Limpet with other security measures where possible. Creating layers of security is the best way to protect your valuables.

Can I use my Limpet with other Geotekk attachments?

Yes. All Geotekk attachments feature the bespoke mounting plate.

Can I use my Limpet for other valuables?

Yes. Your Limpet will be provided with a universal base plate attachment which can be bolted or glued in to place. Our bespoke attachments will provide asset-specific mounting solutions.

What arming criteria can I set?

  • Accelerometer – this is an impact sensor, and you’ll be able to set the sensitivity level.
  • Geofence – this is a GPS perimeter trigger. If your Limpet moves more than a certain distance, that you choose, the device will be triggered.

How do I attach my base plate?

Prepare the surface where you’d like to position the base plate, as well as the back of the base plate itself. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, free of dust and debris etc. An alcohol based cleaner is recommended.


– apply the glue provided in the tube to the back of the base plate. Ensure all areas are covered. Place the base plate in the desired position and apply pressure. Maintain pressure for 2 minutes. Leave the glue to harden for 24hrs before attaching and using your Limpet.


– use the 3 x screw holes in the base plate; these holes are the largest hexagonal holes. If the material you are screwing into may split, drill pilot holes for the screws before screwing the base plate in to place. *Screws provided.


– use the 3 x bolt holes; these holes are the largest hexagonal holes. Mark the first bolt hole position and drill a your hole, of equivalent size to the bolt, through the material you are attaching it to. Insert the bolt through the base plate and through the drilled hole. Tighten the nut at the back of the bolt. Then proceed to mark and drill the other 2 x holes, insert the bolts and tighten.

How do I attach my Limpet?

All of Limpet’s attachments feature its universal locking plate. Secure Limpet by pushing the 3 x locking arms into the 3 x locking channels. Twist clockwise until the solenoid pin engages.

How do I remove my Limpet?

Use the app to remove Limpet. Bluetooth will be used to talk to Limpet and disengage the solenoid locking pin, so make sure you are close to the device and in Bluetooth range. Simply hit ‘Unlock’, and when the solenoid locking pin retracts, you’ll be able to twist Limpet anti-clockwise and remove it. The solenoid will retract for 2 seconds.

How to install my seat clamp?

Limpet’s seat clamp replaces your existing seat clamp, incorporating the bespoke mounting plate. Simply remove your existing seat clamp, switch it with Limpet’s bespoke clamp, and tighten with an allen key to set your desired saddle height.

How to attach my throttle lock?

Open the throttle lock and place over the brake lever and throttle grip. Use rubber inserts where necessary or desired. Close the attachment.

How do I charge Limpet’s lithium-ion battery?

Simply plug your 5v micro-USB charging cable into the charging port on the side of Limpet and charge from a power source e.g. laptop or mains plug adaptor. *Charging cable provided.

How long does a full battery charge take?

A full charge should take 2 – 3 hours. Your app will tell you how much charge is in Limpet. You will also get notifications if your lithium battery is running low.

What if my Limpet runs out of battery?

You will get notifications prior to your battery running flat, but if Limpet’s lithium battery does become flat, it can easily be charged by plugging a micro-USB charger into the device, like the one provided with Limpet.

What is the expected battery life?

Battery life will be dependent on how much you use Limpet. For example, if you are using the rear light feature, the battery will run down faster that if the device is just armed. But on standby, Limpet should last 30 days. Battery performance will reduce over time.

How much is my yearly network subscription?

Your network subscription will be £9.99 per quarter (less than £3.50 per month), paid with one annual payment of £36.96.

When is my subscription due?

You’ll need to pay your subscription before you can use Limpet, and the renewal payment will be due exactly one year later; you’ll be reminded before your subscription runs out via the app and email you provide. We recommend selecting ‘Auto-renew’ to ensure your subscription doesn’t run out and automatically renews.

How do I pay my subscription?

You can manage your account, including payment, through the app, or by logging in to your account online at geotekk.com.

How does Limpet use data?

Close-range communication

At close-range, Limpet and your app will communicate via Bluetooth. This will use no data.

Long-range communication

At long-range, your data allowance, included in your subscription, will be utilised to communicate with Limpet. If your arming criteria is breached, in the event of an attempted theft for example, an SMS will immediately be sent from Limpet’s cloud server to your phone. SMS communication will utilise your SMS allowance, also included in your subscription.

Armed Status

Once armed, Limpet will use a small amount of data to monitor its GPS positioning.

Does Limpet have Bluetooth?

Yes. At close-range, and with appropriate clear line-of-sight, Bluetooth will provide the communication medium to keep Limpet connected to your phone.

What if my phone and/or my Limpet doesn’t have GSM mobile signal?

At Long-range, Limpet, like your mobile phone, requires adequate GSM signal. Provided Limpet and your phone have GSM signal, the connection will enable real-time alerts. In the event where either Limpet and/or your mobile phone doesn’t have GSM signal, any attempted communication will be stored on the device or the Geotekk cloud, and transmitted at the earliest opportunity once signal is restored.

If I have no signal on my phone, will Limpet’s alarm and strobe still go off?

Yes. In the event that Limpet’s arming criteria is compromised, the alarm and strobes will be activated to draw maximum attention, regardless of GSM signal.

In what countries can my Limpet access a mobile network?

Limpet will be able to access a mobile network in many countries across the world – SEE FULL COVERAGE LIST